“NAGANO,” the geographical center of Japan, spreading our inspiration around the world!

We have spread our inspiration all over the world as the site of the Nagano Winter Olympic Games and the Paralympics in 1998 as well as serving as the site of the Special Olympics in 2005. Since the culmination of these events, Nagano has become a convention city representing the “Shinshu” resort area in academics, culture, arts, sports and industry accumulating an abundance of experience and successes. Our well-equipped facilities and installations provide the perfect environment to handle conventions from various fields, such as our prefectural cultural hall, which is linked with the “Wiener Musikverein” in Austria, in addition to M-Wave, Big Hat and White Ring, all former Winter Olympic venues. We offer high quality conventions to satisfy all hosts and participants.

Why choose Nagano? Reasons Nagano receives high marks as a convention city:

1) Outstanding Access

Located in the geographical center of Japan, Nagano is easy to reach by bullet train or by highway from Narita/Chubu/Kansai international airports as well as Komatsu Airport via bullet train (due to open in 2014).

2) Hospitality

Hospitality of the local people was clearly demonstrated during the Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998 and again in the Special Olympics in 2005. The residents of Nagano will continue to welcome you heartily.

3) Reliable Support (based on past performance)

Our reliable support system that has grown as a result of various international conventions held in the recent past will work to create a stable environment of assistance to serve you.

4) Sufficient Support Services

We offer a variety of support services and financial assistance for those considering a convention in Nagano.

5) Generous Facilities

We offer facilities as well as installations, including the former Olympic venues, for a wide array of convention needs in a very comfortable environment.

6) Unique Experiences and Receptions

A custom-tailored menu of unique experiences can be prepared, including experiences that can only be enjoyed in Nagano, for a satisfying and unforgettable convention.

  • Zenkoji Okaidan-meguri
  • Apple and Grape Picking
  • Making Soba Noodles
  • Skiing and Snowshoeing
  • Japanese archers, Kendo (traditional swordsmanship), Tea ceremony, Kimono dressing
  • Togakushi Ninja Village
  • Parties at Olympic Facilities
  • Onsen (natural hot springs) with Japanese style banquet

7) A vast array of after-convention entertainment (abundant tourist attractions),
a wide variety of historical, natural and cultural venues.

Enjoy a sense of fulfillment with our impressive after-convention activities only available in Nagano.